Jun 1, 2015

June Goals

May was a crazy-beautiful month, y'all! Here are a few of the highlights:
+ Greg surprised me on May 2nd and proposed! (read the proposal story here)
+ We went to NYC along with my sisters the next week!
+ The super-busy wedding planning began (I booked our venue and photographer, bought my dress, and have been pinning like crazy. Read an honest post about some of my struggles through all the changes happening).

I was able to get a lot done this month and I hope June proves just as productive and exciting!

May Goals

>>Write to my Compassion Child
>> Check Mint weekly for budgeting and financing
>> Back stretches (6min total) atleast 3x/week to help my back pain (well, I did it half the month)
>> Try out pilates through youtube videos
>> One new recipe (OMG. Crockpot Roast w/ Baby Carrots and Shallots)
>> Finish 2 month study of Habakkuk
>> Finish Mama Maggie and I Tried Until I Almost Died. Start & finish And The Shofar Blew, Steinbeck's The Pearl, and listen to audiobook of Prince Caspian. Skim through Introverts in Love. 
>> Link-up with The Circle to share a mood-board of my choice 
>> Enjoy every minute in NYC with Greg and my sisters!!!
>> Sell atleast 4 things through Facebook buy-sell groups 
(I tried to sell a lot, but only sold my cruiser bike)


June Goals

>>Renew my ARNP and RN licenses 
>>Renew my drivers license
>>Send paperwork for my Texas RN license 
>>Write to my Compassion International kiddo
>> Check Mint (for budgeting) weekly
>>Read 2 books
>>Start a new book of the Bible to study for 2 months
>>Get to bed by 11 on work nights
>>Meet with wedding florist and decide on flowers
>>Get engagement photos done in San Antonio
>>Start premarital counseling when in San Antonio
>>Exercise 2-3x a week with a mix of pilates, weight-lifting, and jogging
>>Slowly edge towards a more paleo diet once again
>>Write another post for the "journal of a miss to mrs" series about the temptation to give into people-pleasing and perfection-seeking with wedding planning
>> post about NYC

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  1. girl.
    you basically crossed off everything in MAY! GET IT!!
    And june is going to be so fabulous! i can't wait to catch up on your blog and hear more of y'alls engagement story <3


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