Jan 5, 2015

delighting in 1000 gifts // part 7

2014 was a year packed full of blessings and I am back to reviewing a few of my favorite! 
Here are the first 8 months of the year's:

#785 -#800. The last weekend of August, my home church hosted an annual convention for Romanian Christians throughout US and Canada. I got to see several friends who are from the East Coast who came for the event. It was a weekend full of catching up with old friends along with great church services. We got to explore Oregon's Columbia Gorge, had a sweet breakfast at my apartment with a friend from Michigan, and enjoyed a day at the park with hundreds of other attendees on Labor Day. It was a fun weekend!

#809. Woke up early one Saturday morning in September and decided to go for a jog to pray through some things. It was so peaceful on the trail and was exactly what my soul needed. 

#811. I got to enjoy my apartment complex's pool all to myself  (it's typically swarming with families) since kids were at school! I swam in the pool for awhile and then journaled & read poolside. So refreshing!

#814. A sunset boat ride with the family in my dad's new boat on Saturday and then a tour around Portland from the Willamette River the next Saturday. 

#834. Introvert reading date with my man on FaceTime. We were both trying to read our books, but kept sneaking peeks at each other and would start laughing (I was pretty sneaky and snapped a pic!)

#846-#853. Spent a few days in Seattle for a work-related conference, though I made time to catch up with friends, visit a bakery and stationary shop I love in Queen Anne, enjoy the jaw-dropping skyline from Kerry Park while FaceTiming my mister, and having some quiet time near a lighthouse in Mukilteo.

#855-#858. My two sisters slept over and we watched an Irish comedy (Waking Ned Devine), explored the Portland Art Museum's exhibit on the Tueleries gardens of Paris, and discovered Director Park where locals were playing ping-pong and chess. 

#868. I absolutely LOVED She Read's Truth's Open Your Bible study! 

#871. My BFF from California sent me a care package with CDs of encouraging short devotional teachings by women (including Beth Moore) for my commute to work. So sweet!

#872. My sweet neighbor "twin" friend dropped off some dinner for me!

#896. I took my toddler nephew to his local library for his weekly toddler reading group! It was so fun to see him listen to the story and interact with the class. He even waited patiently for his turn to get instruments to shake along as the teacher read a musical story. It made this auntie very proud!

#890. My mister had flowers delivered to me at my door on a day that I went home feeling sick. It was such a sweet surprise!


  1. Hey Elle! Just wanted to let you know that I stopped by this evening and caught up on your blog! I cannot believe all the amazing things God has done in your life over this last year and the gifts He's showered you with. Here's to better things than we can even imagine in the future friend!

  2. Lovely post :)


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