Apr 21, 2014

Travel Tuesday // Montage on Laguna

I missed Travel Tuesday for a few weeks now, so I am excited to scroll through photos from my February trip to Orange County and reminisce on time with my BFF and the sunny skies and sandy surf. I am a few hours shy of actually being counted as a Tuesday, but I figure it's Tuesday somewhere, so it will count. Plus, I work tomorrow and find it hard to post in the mornings. 

Today I wanted to share some of the beautiful views from the boardwalk of Laguna Beach's prestigious Montage Resort & Hotel. Several friends recommended watching the sunset from alongside the paved pathway, and we are so glad we heeded their advice! It was a perfect way to say adieu to sunny California and return to the chilly, rainy forecast awaiting me in the Northwest. 

See more photos from my trip!

And stay tuned for next week's Travel Tuesday on one of my favorite cities: Seattle!


  1. I just posted today about going to the exact same place! Crazy!
    And I love Seattle, so I'm excited to see your post about that. =)

    1. Hi Mandy! Really?! How funny! I'll check yours out too! Laguna is gorgeous, right?

  2. I briefly stopped in Laguna Beach when I was on a mini-roadtrip with my family 10 years ago. I remember being absolutely amazed by the beauty. Your photos totally reinforced that memory. Lovely finding you through the Travel Tuesday linkup! xx

  3. The boardwalk looks beautiful! I love all the different plants along the shoreline! :)


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