Mar 27, 2014

spring wish list

Spring is here! So excited to see the early blooms and chirping birds outside my window. I liked being intentional last winter about goals, so I wanted to continue to tradition and list a few things I hope to do the next few months of Spring!

>> visit a tulip farm (such as Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, seen below)

>> plant a balcony garden (I already started a small one but want to expand soon!)

>> bike, walk, and/or have a picnic near cherry blossom trees

I caught sight of these beauties at Seattle's Greenlake Park this past weekend!

>>  run outside in different nearby trails

my favorite place to run near my apartment, so very lovely in the spring!

>> visit farmer's markets and buy flowers (like these ones from a few years ago)

>> cruise around with this beauty again!


  1. The tulip photo is stunning! And the bike is so beautifully vintage-looking!

  2. what a LOVELY list!
    and ahh that bike is gorgeous!

  3. Love your list! I'm so glad Spring is here and can't wait to enjoy it! :)


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