Feb 4, 2014

Travel Tuesday // San Antonio [day I]

I wanted to start February with my monthly goals, but I realized I need to prayerfully consider them before I just post them for all to see. I want my goals to continue to be intentional and purposeful; not just something I halfheartedly put together so I can say I did it. So, until my heart and head agree on what goals I'll have in February, I wanted to share the first post of photos from my wonderful long weekend in San Antonio recently. It was a beautiful weekend full of reminiscing with friends who had moved down there in past years, making new friends, and exploring what the city has to offer. Come along for a photo adventure to Texas, y'all :)

I arrived in San Antonio to a blistery wind, but we all made the best of it and explored the historic part of downtown, namely the River Walk. As a network of beautifully landscaped walkways beside the San Antonio River, it is a tourist hub for fine dining and shopping... and in our case, just going for a long stroll and admiring the beauty around us.  We felt like we were in Venice!
 Does anyone recognize the platform below? There is a scene in Miss Congeniality that was filmed here, the Arneson River Theatre.
 I had SO much fun spending the weekend with these two gems!
 We walked through a street of beautiful historic buildings near the River Walk. 
 And then we saw the grandeur and old-time charm of The Menger Hotel
 We ended up walking to the Alamo! What an amazing opportunity to 
 Dinner at "Texas' worst BBQ", which ironically is known as one of the best places in town: Rudy's! I got to reconnect with great friends who moved down to San Antonio in the past years.
Such a joy to see these sweethearts!

Excited to share the second day in San Antonio next week!


  1. I love San Antonio! To walk the downtown riverwalk and taking a boat through the canals was a highlight when I was a kid and we would visit friends! Such a gem of a city!

  2. San Antonio looks fabulous! I love the different influences in the architecture.

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  3. Whoop! Hope you enjoyed Texas and San Antonio. I've loved visiting the riverwalk ever since I was a kid

  4. Love the photos! I visited San Antonio once before, we actually adopted our dog Gus from San Antonio. There were so many stray dogs! it was kind of sad :( ....sad because the city is really beautiful. Did you notice it?


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