Nov 16, 2013

random raves // operation christmas child

“Let my heart be broken with the things that break the heart of God.” 
(Bob Pierce, Samaritan's Purse founder)

Tonight's random rave is about one of my favorite ministries:
Operation Christmas Child!

100 million boys and girls have been blessed with a shoebox gifts since 1993 when Samaritan's Purse started this amazing program that sends gifts to children to more than 130 countries [check out more history!]. But the best part is that these children also get to hear about the best gift of all: Jesus. They get the chance to participate in The Greatest Journey, a 12-lesson discipleship follow-up program.

I have been involved in OCC for about 5 or 6 years now and get excited every fall. It makes me so excited to tell kids, teens, and parents about Operation Christmas Child and seeing their excited faces as they plan what they'll place in their shoeboxes. It's always so heartwarming to hear my prayers lifted up for these children during children's worship time on Sundays. 

Here is the low-down for those who have not heard about OCC and would like to be involved!

How To Pack A Shoebox:
1) Grab a shoebox or a plastic shoebox storage box
2) Choose a gender and age for a gift
3) Fill box with gifts such as personal hygiene items, small toys, flashlight, etc. See here for more suggestions.
4) Add a $7 donation fee. Follow your shoebox by donating online!
5) Drop off shoebox at a location during collection week: NOV. 18-25
6) Pray for the child who will receive your shoebox.

[12, 3]

Check out awesome videos about OCC (I love the one with Si from Duck Dynasty as well as the true stories of kiddos whose lives were changed by receiving a gift from OCC).
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I have personally been so blessed by this ministry. I have written letters and placed them in my box and received letters from several of the children over the past years. I've also read so many beautiful stories of children receiving exactly what they needed or wanted in their boxes. There is something so unique and special about this ministry and a big part of this is due to prayer.

Have you been involved in Operation Christmas Child?


  1. In english schools we do something similar to this campaign every year - it is a great cause x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. That's wonderful, Heather. Yes, it is a great cause!!

  2. our church just sent off 11 boxes! it is a great ministry. when i was packing the boxes, i could imagine those precious faces lighting up as they unwrapped their gifts!

    ps: check your inbox. there is an AWESOME email i just sent ya :)

    1. Aww that sounds wonderful, Amber! I've been leading it with my sister at our home church for many years now and it is so exciting to watch kids get excited about sending gifts to other kids. So heart-warming! :)

  3. Love, Operation Christmas Child! I've made shoeboxes with my family for years now and just these past few years have made them on my own, too. It is such a wonderful tradition and one that not only changes my life, but the lives of the children who receive the boxes, too. And I know this is random, but being a shoebox deliverer has been on my bucket list for years now! :)

    1. Aw that is so awesome! What a life-altering experience it would be to actually see those huge grins in real time! Oh dear!! That would be priceless!!!

  4. Love, love, LOVE Operation Christmas Child! It's one of the things I look forward to in the fall/winter. So much fun and this year we decided to track our boxes online! And just like Kiki, going on a trip to deliver boxes is on my bucket list! :)

    1. Me too!! One of my favorite ways to gear into the holidays!!!

  5. This was my husband's and my first year of participating, and I'm so glad we did. While we participated as a couple, I think this is an especially meaningful way for children to reach out, as the gifts are tangible, and kids can relate to what it would feel like for a kid to receive or not receive anything for Christmas. It's so great you inspire the kids in your church to get involved!


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