a little taste of the city of l.o.v.e. { europe 2012 }

On the 7th of July last summer { after struggling to find each other in the CDG Paris airport for 3 hours! } Sarah and I arrived to the beautiful city of love,   

p   a   r    i   s   !

There is just something so romantic and dreamy about this city. I hope that comes out in the many photos that will follow in the next few weeks as I post about the beautiful week I spent in this gorgeous piece of European bliss!

Once again,  very gracious cousins { and their adorable son! } host us during our week-long stay in this beautiful city. Upon our arrival, we ate our first meal in France { complete with baguettes and croissants, bien sur! } and then hurried off into town so that we could learn about the Paris metro because we would spend the week on our own since my cousins both work. In order to acquaint ourselves with the metro and with the somewhat confusing layout of the city, we visited two of the most iconic landmarks of Paris! We were exhausted and so relieved to finally get into Paris after those horrible three hours searching for each other in the airport, but once we caught sight of that gigantic piece of metal that is attached to anything parisien, we were in love with Paris. 

Thus began our  [ [ a m a z i n g ] ] week in Paris. 
Stay tuned for more posts about our many adventures!

bonne nuit!


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